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Welcome to Isaac H Grainger & Son Ltd

Welcome to Isaac Grainger, a leading name in access flooring solutions. We are a family run firm which had begun as a manufacturer of tube fitting. Our journey dates back one hundred and fifty years and we have not looked back ever since. Over the years, we have expanded our business and field of work and today, we are a name to reckon for all your access flooring needs.

Raised Access Flooring

Access flooring has become the new-age solution for space limitations. With the help of raised panels above the substrate floor, a space or void is created to store all the mechanical and electrical wiring of a commercial space. With the ever increasing need for space, it is little wonder that more and more people are opting for access flooring systems for their offices.

Access Flooring Panels and Grills

The raised access floor is made of load-bearing floor panels and grills, which are laid in a horizontal grid and supported by vertical adjustable pedestals. These panels are removable thus ensuring quick, easy and safe access to the mechanical and electrical system underneath.

Access Floor Pedestals

These are vertical adjustable structures that support the access flooring panels above the substrate floor. Each pedestal is bonded to the substrate floor with epoxy resin-based adhesive, which can be strengthened by mechanical fixings.

Pedestal Accessories

The pedestals and stringers are the accessories that are used in the installation of access flooring. Pedestals are vertical structures and stringers are the horizontal parts connecting the pedestals together into a durable, stable and strong structure.

Tube Fittings

These are short pieces of pipes in varying lengths, which can be used for plumbing and hoses and also as valves for pipes and funnels.


Allthread, also known as threaded bar or threaded rod, is a relatively long rod threaded on both ends. All types of allthread are designed for use in tension and/or for fastening.

Isaac Grainger’s

We, at Isaac Grainger, also supply a varied assortment of the highest quality, trusted pedestal adhesives, stringer caps and access flooring gaskets for use in access floor installation.

We have in place a documented Quality Policy and our procedures are based on ISO 9001 and ISO14001 practices. Our access flooring products come with the guarantee quality. We have set the standard for superior quality products for any access floor installation. Contact us at 03301235567 for the best quality access flooring systems.

Access Floor Pedestals

Access Floor Pedestals

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