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Providing you with bespoke protection for your product.

In today’s industry the strong demands of product quality and performance are at the sight of everyone’s for front. Being able to provide the highest quality pedestals and accessories means we can provide the whole package for our customers.

Zinc Finish

Zinc Finish

Zinc plating comes as standard on all our pedestal products. This silver finish, provides lasting protection against demanding elements. Our zinc coating is of highest quality. So much so, we provide a 25 year warranty on all of our Grainger pedestals that are purchased.

Optional plating:

We can also offer various other finishes that can be applied to any of our pedestal ranges, in order to meet the demanding requirements of the floor. These finishes provide an everlasting protection and are  completely unique finishes, only offered by Grainger’s.

Astec 3000 Finish

Astec 3000 Finish

Providing you with bespoke protection for your product. A Grainger's exclusive finish.

The ultimate corrosion protection for our products. An additional electroplated coating which is designed to resist all elements. The most hard wearing and scratch resistant protection there is. A more environmentally friendly and whisker free option. Excellent water and galvanic corrosion resistance. Unlike other coating options, Astec 3000 requires significantly less energy during application. Along with reducing the amount of chemicals in the coating, it offers a significantly lower level of toxicity within any environment. Making it the most environmentally friendly coating there is. In data centres or offices some standard metal finishes can fray off pedestals. Causing tiny particles to be blown into expensive server or computer equipment. In turn, a build up of these particles, may cause chaos for computers or pharmaceutical companies. Choose an Astec 3000 whisker free finish on pedestals, for peace of mind on these raised access flooring.

Saving the environment isn’t always pretty.

Isaac H Grainger's are partners with NBS, which means you can find our products on NBS Source.
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Nickel Finish

Nickel Finish

We can also offer Nickel as a whisker free option for raised access floors.

The ultimate zinc free coating.

An additional coating which is also, designed to give a zinc whisker free finish. Providing a peace of mind protection for indoor raised access floors. By applying this specialised coating to our top-quality pedestals, it offers a protection like no other. This coating eliminates the production of tiny hair line whiskers to break free, unlike a standard zinc coating. In some cases, conductive zinc whiskers can become airborne and be transported into computer equipment. This has been known to cause issues in short circuits and voltage variances. Resulting in catastrophic server failures. Our Nickel coating prevents this from happening. No galvanised reactions take place by using a nickel base product therefore it produces a completely zinc whisker, free coating. The additional benefit of our nickel coating is that gloats the ultimate shine without the need to polish.

All that glitters, isn’t always gold.