Meet the team

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isaac garinger

Robin Grainger "Roberto"

  • Works Director

The man with many fingers in many pies. He likes to keep tabs on all the movements in the factory and can’t help but put his two penn’orth in. Completely hands on, it’s just too much for him to sit down. Yes, if he could get away with beer o’clock at 8am he would certainly try it!

isaac garinger

Ivan Grainger

  • Financial Director

The man that’s good with the numbers. Some would say a bit too good at checking up on what folks are spending and keeping a beady eye on the figures. A nice, steaming hot, black, strong coffee... and he might just think about it!

isaac garinger

Amelia Grainger "Meme"

  • Operations Director Designate

Perhaps our youngest management team member but she’s no less passionate. Our favourite fiery soul that is simply here to get stuff done. Her wicked sense of humour sure does keep us all on our toes, but laughing out loud all day, every day too. Make sure you’re looking busy when she around otherwise you’ll have just volunteered yourself with a new task!

isaac garinger

Nathan Grainger "Naifyou"

  • Commercial Director Designate

Don’t let his quiet and calm demeanour fool you. This listener takes on all information and comes out with the gems later. He is our very own tech whizz and a sure way to attract his attention would be to mention anything to do with computers or gaming.

isaac garinger

Rebecca Grainger-"Bex"

  • Sales and Marketing Director Designate

Dedicated to growth and building relationships with people in and out of the factory. If this scuba diver isn’t diving into water, she is diving straight into new sales projects. Don’t worry, after bubbling with the fishes on a weekend she will be back in the office when Monday morning comes around and ready and raring for a new week.

isaac garinger

Ian Allcock "Mr Moody Pants"

  • Sales Manager

The excel whizz and ultimate ped-master. If Ian’s head was a computer, he would have 100 tabs open at any one time. There’s no job too adventurous. His straight talking, no messing approach keeps everyone motivated. If there’s a job worth doing, it’s always worth doing Ian’s way.

isaac garinger

Sharon Dickinson "Shaz"

  • General Manager

Simply on it. You’ll never catch this woman sat down with a cuppa. We would like to say her love for pedestals is more than for her little dog “Princess” but that would be a lie…Almost! We wish she would learn to sleep at night as we are pretty sure she thinks about pedestals in her dreams too. General Manager by day. Professional dog stroker by night.

isaac garinger

Liz Anson "Lizzie"

  • Business Development Manager

There is always a solution to every problem and nine times out of ten this lady has the answer. She likes coming to work to have a break from the many “Legs” she has at home. Yes, you heard it right. Lizzie attracts the waifs and strays. Anyone that does any dealings with her just agrees, she’s the kindest and most caring soul.

isaac garinger

Chris Griffiths "Swampy"

  • Health & Safety and Quality Control Manager

Always keeping a close eye on the quality that we pride ourselves on here at Grainger’s and what a job he does! He’ll often be singing out some tunes or strutting some moves as he goes. He will never turn down an opportunity to help someone in need.

isaac garinger

Matt Rimmer "Mattchew"

  • Key Accounts Manager

Runs solely on coffee, football, fast cars and bacon butties. Matt is the perfect example of someone who has ped knowledge and customer service combo. Booking out orders is his name and smashing sales targets is his game! His immense typing skills will take your eyes a second to catch up.

isaac garinger

Toni Oakley "Tono"

  • Accounts and Purchase Administrator

"Tono can you order this please?" is the usual in our office. Our perfect little all-round helper. This happy-go-lucky lady has a passion for people and is always ready for a challenge. If it’s not in the “BOG-OF” sale she’s not interested! Always ready and raring to go, she’s got a way of making chasing payments sound somewhat lovely.

isaac garinger

Sien Hughes "Sieny"

  • Logistics

When it comes to what’s here and what’s there, this lady knows. Keeping her finger on the pulse. Getting deliveries organised and scheduled she’ll often be everyone’s first port of call on the phone too. As it happens, this lady likes to travel around to different places a bit herself. Our very own globe trotter that sends deliveries off across the globe.

It’s safe to say Isaac Grainger purple runs not just through our Grainger veins but all of these guys too. We’re so incredibly lucky to have such an extraordinary team that can work so efficiently well together. We’re so proud of them all.