Neville Hamilton Grainger

18th June 1938 - 1st July 2019 - 81 years old

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Treasured and loved Husband, Father, and Grandpa.

A traditional English Gentleman that we sadly lost back in 2019. He was a true character and happy soul. Neville had been part of the family business all his life, just like his father before him. He committed to working over 60 years at Grainger’s and moved the business from strength to strength. In that time, he came across many trials and tribulations. Resulting in him re-mortgaging his family home 3 times to save Isaac H Grainger & Sons Ltd.

He met Janet Marion Cross in 1961 and they were happily married for 58 years. He was delighted that his two son’s Ivan and Robin joined him within the business at a very early age. He watched them grow into wonderful, knowledgeable, businessmen and that was his ultimate pride in life.

Pretending to retire to sunny Borth, on the Welsh coast in 2007. He would still find his way back to the business and to visit the family for some years after that. He finally decided to hand the final reins over to Robin and Ivan but never quite managed to leave the phone alone. It worked both ways though, as the boys would always be the first to pick the phone up and ask for his advice, guidance, and valued opinion.

He spent the rest of his days watching Formula 1, absorbing knowledge from all different walks of life and supporting the local Welsh community that he loved so much. He ventured far and wide with Janet on amazing holidays across the globe. Although, he did have a special love that always pulled him back with Scotland due to his family ties and memories there. Without a doubt, his favourite thing was watching the sea, with his beloved Janet from the lounge window, with a large glass of whiskey, No ice.

He would be thrilled to see the business thriving as it is today. Ready for his grandchildren Nathan, Rebecca and Amelia the 6th generation of Grainger’s to take on. His good-will, caring nature and outstanding judgment will always be at the heart of everything we do. Gone but never forgotten and his legacy will live on in all of us at Grainger’s.