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Typically used in hotel rooms or reception areas. Fully compatible and strengthened with a screw down stringer panel.

Our “E” Range of pedestals have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the BSEN 12825:2001 specification as below:
E1-E6E class 6.
E7-E10 class 5.

Fully compatible with screw-down panel and stringer.


Isaac H Grainger's are partners with NBS, which means you can find our products on NBS Source.
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Features of a raised access flooring pedestal

  • Zinc-plated, finest quality steel material
  • Pedestal top disc - made from mild steel disc 90mm diameter. Slotted disks compatible with a screw down panel or screw down disc compatible with a screw down panel and stringer system.
  • Pedestal base - Sturdy base plate thread rolled and cut to size in house.
  • Tube length - Provides void adjustments for precise panel levelling. A range of heights available across all our ranges, we can easily cater for 26mm to 600mm heights.
  • Locking nuts made from 3mm mild steel to ensure full stability of any pedestal head.
  • Delivered to your door pre-assembled designed for efficient installation time.

For more information on range specifics please refer to the specific range datasheets.

Specification BS EN 12825 / PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU
Void Ranges 50mm - 575mm
Clip in Stringer Compatible As Standard
Screw Down Stringer Compatible As Standard on H5E and above.
Base Size 85mm x 85mm x 1.5mm
Base Tube Size 20mm OD
Socket Head Size 25.4mm OD
90mm Top Disc Thickness 3mm
Locking Nut Thickness 3mm
Download datasheet

E-Range Grainger's E-Range Pedestal Head Close Up Grainger's E-Range Pedestal E1 Grainger's E-Range Pedestal E4E Grainger's E-Range Pedestal E4E Grainger's E-Range Pedestal E9 Grainger's E-Range Pedestals Group Grainger's E-Range Pedestals In-Line