Fort Dunlop

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  • Fort Dunlop as was Original Tyre Factory for Dunlop Rubber

The Project

The massive grade A listed building, sitting in prime location on the M6, was left unattended for over 20 years after the largest tyre factory, of it's time, ceased trading. The goal of Urban Splash who acquired the site was to create extensively refurbish the building to it's former glory of hussle and bussle.

Fort Dunlop was the World's Largest Factory

The Product

The numbers do the talking…

Site area: M6 Motorway, Junction 5, Birmingham.

Total floor space: 33445m

Total Raised Access Flooring: 5 of the 7 floors all have allocated office spaces. All of which required routing of cabling and service. Quality a range of pedestal heights were used to kit out these areas as Cat A projects. This allowed us to meet the requirements of each different floor. The most common sizes being H9 and H11.

Floors: 7 Floors.

Building height: 24m.

The Result

Refurbishment on this building was completed back in 2006. This iconic project was one of the largest commercial jobs we had, had the privilege of working on at the time. The building, is now home to various retail, offices, accommodation, restaurants and leisure space.. The building it's self was a challenge to design and refurbish but it's now modern and sleek for all to see.

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