Pedestal Accessories

Access flooring is the choice of flooring in offices and commercial spaces today. An access floor makes it so much more convenient to house all your power, data and telecommunication hardware.

An access floor also adapts seamlessly to any restructuring or renovation of the office space. Access flooring involves several components, pedestal accessories being one of them. At Isaac Granger, we specialise in access flooring and proudly claim to provide you with unmatched quality and service.

Pedestal Accessories for Access Flooring

Access flooring comprises three essential components; the floor panels, the pedestals and the stringers. The floor panels are the horizontal load bearing components which join together to form the raised access floor.

These are supported by pedestals and stringers, which make the final structure firm and durable. A combination of these pedestal accessories results in a durable, stable and strong structure.

Our Pedestal Accessories Range

We offer a wide range of stringers suitable for several applications. Our pedestal accessories range includes:

  • Snap-on stringers designed to reinforce structural performance
  • Bolt-on stringers screwed to the pedestal head
  • Air plenum stringers for an air seal to the floor panel joints
  • Perimeter stringers as added support for cut floor panels around the perimeter

Our other pedestal accessories include:

  • Stringer caps, 2-way and 4-way, finish the edges of the stringers
  • Red sealer, a highly pigmented water-based PVA floor sealer that can be applied by spreader, brush, or roller
  • Pipe bender, a tool that aids in threading and cutting and suitable for use in galvanised and black enamel conduit. The professional folding A-frame pipe bender comes with 3 machine cast former at 20, 25 and 32 mm capacity
  • Panel lifter, a double pad vacuum lifter with a 60-kg lifting capacity suitable for virtually all types of loads and for both slightly curved and textured surfaces. This is made from a combination of lightweight aluminium and synthetic materials
  • Poly-foam, a strip suitable for use as adhesive for edge sealing
Why Choose Our Pedestal Accessories for Access Flooring

We, at Isaac Grainger, have years of experience and vast knowledge of access flooring.

We have a proven track record of prompt delivery within twenty-four hours after your order has been processed.

Our products and accessories are of excellent quality and come with the assurance of our reputation.

We assure you the best quality pedestal accessory for your access floor. So, get in touch with us at 03301235567 and experience the satisfaction of working with one of the leaders in access flooring.