Raised Access Flooring

In this busy and ever-changing world, your workspace needs to adapt to the increasing demand for more space. Raised access flooring is the solution to a new age office space. This is a durable, additional floor to store electrical and mechanical services beneath the surface. Perfect for office and industrial needs, raised access flooring is also being increasingly used in households for its benefits.

Isaac Grainger is a leader when it comes to access flooring systems. With 150 years of experience, we bring to you the very best in access flooring solutions.

Raised Access Flooring Benefits

Access Flooring is perfect for offices with a wide network of power, data and telecom services. Compared to the other options, raised access flooring is the safest and most convenient way of managing your network of cables and wires.

Raised access flooring is a cost effective and flexible way for the distribution of all the building services. The network remains readily accessible without any damage to the existing structure.

Moreover, in case of new structures, raised access flooring takes into account the need for space of any new occupant. When renovating your office, raised access flooring is a time saving and easy solution; you save time, money and energy in relocating your system of wires.

Our Raised Access Flooring Products

We provide a wide range of products for any access flooring requirement. Our factory bonded surfaces are available in high pressure laminates, vinyl, rubber, ceramic, linoleum and natural stone. The loose lay coverings include vinyl, rubber and ceramic.

We work with chipboard core, calcium sulphate core and encapsulated panel with chipboard or calcium sulphate core.

The bottom surfaces are made of aluminium high pressure laminate steel sheet.

The steel pedestals are zinc plated with gold passivated steel head and base.

Why Choose Our Access Flooring Systems

We are a renowned flooring company with years of experience. We provide unmatched quality products for access flooring.

We deliver products and services for access flooring in the least possible time and with minimum hassle.

We provide you unmatched technical support for all pre and post installation requirements. We begin with a consultation to understand your specific needs. Our technical team, thereafter, designs the raised access flooring for the available space. We are happy to make any additions or modifications according to your preferences.

Isaac Grainger makes the dream of your perfect and convenient office space come true. Avail of our unmatched products and services to get the best raised access flooring for your office or residential needs.

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