Allthread Tubular and Solid

Isaac Grainger is just as well-known for its high-quality raised access floor solutions and their accessories as for its plumbing products including allthread tubular and solid. After all we have been a leading manufacturer of tube fittings in the UK over the last 150 years – and counting. We pride ourselves on compliance with ISO 9001 and the ISO14001 practices ensuring our solid products manufactured based on sound engineering expertise as well as our dedication to first-class customer relationships.

Allthread, also known as threaded bar or threaded rod, is a relatively long rod threaded on both ends; the thread may or may not extend along the entire length of the rod. The term usually refers to the bar stock form of the product but all types of allthread are usually designed for use in tension and/or for fastening.

The rods appear like the shank of a screw but typically with longer and thicker dimensions than most standard screws. These do not have washers and heads, unlike standard screws, but usually have equal diameter along their entire length.

Allthread tubular and solid products from Isaac Grainger have several purposes including but not limited to:

When choosing from our wide range of allthread tubular and solid products, you should consider several factors. First, look at the type of material used for the rod since different types of materials have specific benefits in terms of indoor or outdoor use, light or heavy loads, and aesthetic appeal. Ask our industry expert staff about the best type of material for your needs, such as zinc or zinc-coated allthread suitable for heavier loads.

Second, consider the length and diameter of the threaded rods. Keep in mind that while the studs can be cut to size with a saw or grinder, your work will be easier and faster when you have chosen the right length in the first place.

Thread, look at the type of threading on the allthread tubular and solid. Go for finer threads for small projects or for delicate materials while coarser threads are more suitable for heavy-duty projects.

We supply an extensive selection of seamless, solid and tubular all thread products in several types including self-colour, solid zinc, and zinc-plated variations. These products can be used for a wide range of applications including raised access flooring solutions. We can supply these products in varying lengths from 1 meter to 3 meters.

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